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song leading - what instrument is best? - etherea - 12-30-2006

Some music leaders play the piano while they lead, some the guitar. Some don't play an instrument at all, but depend on other musicians to play the instruments behind them as they lead just with their voice. What do you think is most effective? Does it matter?

Sometimes I wonder if it is wise to use an instrument at all unless you can play it really well while you sing.

song leading - what instrument is best? - sonworshiper - 01-02-2007

Great question! Personally, I use a guitar when I lead. I'm not the best, better than some, but just fine for what I need. I've had friends who don't play any instrument but lead with a band, and they rock totally. I've never been in that position myself. I guess they can concentrate on just worshiping, (and hope the band will follow) ;-)

I know one guy around here who uses a very nice keyboard, has all the different atmosphere-type effects going. It's great cuz he can create the atmosphere that I cannot with just myself playing.

My guitar is easier to carry though. ;-) But, my vote would go for a keyboard playing worship leader.