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Dear Guest: Messages to you from our members - flaglady - 11-19-2006

Dear visitor - welcome to ZionFireFriends. We hope you enjoy browsing around the various topics and delving into our experiences in use of the arts in worship. There's a great collection of information of all sorts - banners, flags, dance, drama, you name it! One thing is certain - we all love to worship God! Take a look and hope that what you see will encourage you to join us for some sharing and fellowship!

God bless!

Dear Guest: Messages to you from our members - DeanZF - 11-19-2006

This is a great source of wisdom from folks literally around the world in the worship arts and what is sometimes called extravagant worship. It's also a welcome oasis for many who find like minds or like experiences where notes can be compared and pitfalls and potholes in this journey path can be duly recognized, and hopefully avoided. Come glean, come share. Come, build the Kingdom of Christ!

Dear Guest: Messages to you from our members - sonworshiper - 01-29-2007


I hope you decide to stay! This is my favourite forum on the net! The people who oversee / run this forum rock and are a wealth of information. There is always someone with an opinion to share which is the point of asking questions!

To me this has become like the church I go to--a family.

One of the best things is the live chat--providing you remember the times, they are a great time to get to know other worshipers from around the world!




Dear Guest: Messages to you from our members - myrrha - 01-29-2007

I'm fairly new here at Zion Friends, but it was the 'friends' part that drew me in and brought a breath of fresh air to my often world-weary soul.

To tentatively dip my toes into a River of refreshment and be met with shared understanding and acceptance was like opening a well-spring of hope!

I've been burnt, misunderstood, judged for my passion to worship extravangantly... here I have felt it is possible that there are others who are hearing the rhythm of a different drummer... and invite me to come alongside and learn and grow and share together.



at His feet; myrrha