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an opportunity to send comfort to Israel - HelenaZF - 08-09-2006

We received this e-mail from one of our members here at ZFF, ActsofPraise, and it is authentic. They know the person heading up this relief effort personally, and you can be assured that if you make a donation, that it will be used for what it is intended.

If you feel moved to contribute to this relief effort, you can follow the mailing instructions listed, or you can go to the website link in the following communication and make a donation by credit card there.

--thank you.

Brothers & Sisters,

Rani is a personal friend of ours and his ministry is worthy of consideration in giving to the emergency appeal for those in need in the North of Israel.



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Sent: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 4:16 PM

Subject: An Update on Israel La'ad - And our operation in the North

Rebuilders of the Galilee..., Update

Dear friends,

Last week we announced raising money for families in need in the bombarded areas in the upper Galilee. It is important to reallize that about 60-70% of the population of the entire Galilee region, have went south to stay with friends and family, already a week and two ago.

The remaining 30-40% who are still there, are some Government workers, like city hall people, Police forces, Hospital related staffers, teachers, social workers etc. But mosly, civillians, who simply have no means to put their kids in the car, and tour Israel for several weeks.

These people, are most needy now. They are the ones suffering the most, after almost 4 weeks of literally living underground, and hearing explostions all the time, while their kids are on a summer vacation, frightened and confused. There are several tens of thousands of them, throughout the Galilee.

I went up there this morning, to meet with my counterparts from the Kiryat Shmona City. I was supposed to meet with them, and walk into the local grocery store, and simply pay for some 30-40 families who have financial difficulties, to make their grocery shopping, and pay immediate essential bills. The local welfare authorities in Nahariya and Kiryat-Shmona, have prepared a list for us of the needed families.

On the way there, near Tiberias, the sirens went on. Within a minute, 3 missiles landed about a mile from me, in an open field. It was far enough, so I kept on driving North, assuming it would be safer to be North of Tiberias, than to stay where I am.

I arrived in Migdal, where I have friends, had a great cup of coffee on the shorelines of the Sea of Galilee. Not a soul on the streets, it was pretty sad, I must admitt.

I talked to my friends in Kiryat-Shmona on the phone, informing them about my little delay. The Director General of the city, and I, were supposed to meet, but because of the missiles, and the news coming from K.Shmona, I decided to stop in Migdal.

He said to me its' probably not a good idea for me to come today, because the city took some 50 rockets. K.Shmona took already some 800 rockets, (!!!), but todays' 'round', was more damaging and accurate. "They destroyed my city today", he said to me.

I waited a few hours, but it seemed like today is just not the day for our food delivery operation. We postponed it for tomorrow night. When I left Migdal on my way back home, the sirens in Tiberias went on again, and another 3 missiles landed near me, further this time, about 2+ miles away, in the same open field.

So.., tomorrow night, I will make another attempt to get to K.Shmona. We have a meeting in the local supermarket, to buy $200 worth of grocery and basic products to some 40 families. This is in addition to 5 computers we were asked to buy for the bomb shelters that have an internet line, but no computer...

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I will attempt to get to other 3-5 communities that are less famous, with the same problem. All in all, I plan to deliver some $35,000 worth of groceries this week.

I will keep you posted. Love to all, Rani.

If you want to support ISRAEL-LAAD and our relief efforts in the North, please overnight a check ASAP, and it will help if you tell us when and how much you are sending, so we can budget our committments for the next week or two ahead.

This will not end in the next day or two...

For mailing info <COLOR color="red">[or to donate by credit card]</COLOR>please look up the website in the CONTACT US section...,

at <URL url="http://www.israel-laad.org">http://www.israel-laad.org

Thank you for your prayers and support, love from Israel,

Rani Levy.

Or overnight to :

Israel La'ad

2 Pekeris Street

Park T.M.R

Rehovot 76702,


Daytime phone for delivery - 08-9484684

an opportunity to send comfort to Israel - happysandyh - 09-16-2006

When I saw this thread I thought how cool maybe I know who wrote it and low and behold I do. Rani Levy is a friend of our family ! He is genuinely a good person !

an opportunity to send comfort to Israel - HelenaZF - 09-18-2006

Thank you for posting that....it is a nice validation of the request. I love how the circles of people God brings us into seems to keep connecting with one another!

I believe this sort of quiet alms giving will bring much blessing, as we comfort God's people Israel.