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New forum for Pastoral Perspectives - HelenaZF - 05-15-2009

ANNOUNCING the opening of <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showforum=65">AARON'S BEARD, a forum for pastoral perspectives.

Because we have some pastors here as ZFFriends, we are opening a forum for them to speak to us with exegetical studies, sermon notes or exhortations that they want to share with worshipers that visit here. The forum will be for that, and also for non-pastor types here to raise any issues or questions they would like pastors to address. It is our hope that lively exchanges will happen here that will build up the worshiping community and strengthen the connections with our leaders. No everyone has experienced being properly pastored, or maybe even being pastored at all. We can all learn something about the give and take that is required for healthy church and ministry relationships.

We hope that this forum fills with information, ideas, and teaching that will build us all up in our ministries and relationships.

We are giving pastors an icon designation <IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p159622/ichthus.png">[Image: ichthus.png] so that anyone reading the topic knows the perspective of the writer. And, a new emoticon! Confusedhepherd:

If you want to see who our pastor members here are, go to the bottom of the Member page and search for the PFriends group. Oh, and if you are a pastor and we somehow missed adding you to the pastors member group, send us a PM or post here so we can give you the proper designation.