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Posted Image The Phorum Pharisee says:

This is a Christian board and is meant to be a communication network and resource for Christian arts ministers and their supporters. Healthy debate and differences of opinion are encouraged, for that is a way to learn from one another. However, we expect discussions to take place with respect, civility and without offensive language. When you are passionate about something, be passionate, but seek to preserve the dignity of others as you make your points.

Posts may be deleted for:
Foul language
Disruptive behavior
Copyright violations*

*Copyrights are covered by United States law. Whether we agree or not with the law, it's still the law and we are obligated to comply. If you need to provide a portion of a lyric to a song to make a point, that is not a violation. Including the entire lyric IS a violation. A safe rule of thumb is to include less than 50% of the lyric and still provide information about the owner of the copyright as well as the composer and/or author. That also honors our artistic brothers and sisters whose works we quote. Always good to give honor where honor is due.

Please feel free to exchange resource information and post links to your site. Members may advertise goods, services or events in the Market Place Forum, and add their events to the board calendar. Please keep signature size to a maximum of 100pxH x 500pxW as a courtesy to other members.

Please do not use hot-linked images. It is not allowed by this server. Violation of the hot-linking, profanity and copyright rules are grounds for Invision to shut down this message board and will not be tolerated. Image hosting links in the forums and posting screens have been provided for this use.