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Jun 27

Puppeteering Basics for YHWH

Reclaiming the Performing Arts for YHWH - Puppetry as a Worship Art

By definition, the word "Art" is: Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature. The "alter" or "counteract" element would come into play by doing spiritual warfare with any form of Worship Arts, including puppeteering. Key word in this definition might be "effort." I know of no form or theme of art that takes no diligence or care to create. Even the most ridiculous abstracts would not exist without a great desire for something which cannot even be defined...

We all know that puppetry is a great tool for education, evangelism, and fun. We know they appeal to folks of all ages - to help disciple the smallest to the oldest of YHWH's children. Basics can be taught effectively, or sensitive issues can be presented with deft skill, humor and tact to open the hardest of hearts. If youth are involved, they can learn a servant's heart and many skills and qualities that could equip them for many other roles in life. But we must give it it's due, it can be a professional field with college degrees - it has also been the sole livelihood of many artisans, individuals, and companies through the ages. King's advisors have even used it for delicate matters of state. There is much art and history involved - to deny puppetry the full respect it deserves takes half the fun and inspiration out of it!! But don't get legalistic on me, either... just love it!

Just as with the other worship arts, you can pick up the tools knowing nothing - or even use the bare hand, but the more education you can pick up as you go along, the more of a foundation you will have from which to draw.

For instance, when turning puppets head to the side to look at another puppet, turning it completely sideways breaks the audience eye contact with the puppet and so the visual experience is not as believable. The puppets mouth must open with each syllable to be the most believable, not merely with open-close-open-close. The puppets are much more effective when you exit and enter properly, eye focus is imperative, and it is preferable to keep the top of the hand as straight as possible while moving the mouth with the thumb (and remember your wrist - eye focus!) Pre-recording your script can help ensure that it goes much easier (e.g. puppets won't start sagging as your arms tire, and more mistakes can be avoided.).

These are just a few of the things that we can learn, off the top. The greater care given to things like these can enhance the outpouring of the puppet ministry.

YHWH Bless, Shalom!
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Jun 10

Men must be convinced to take up banners...

Raising the Standard
As my husband has said, "If you can convince me that King David would've done it, I'll do it." We can do that easily, and more! Many people who are too reserved "to feel comfortable dancing will gladly move with a banner as it shifts the attention from them to the banner." - Mary Jones, ICDF. "In scripture, if there is a gender associated with the banner holder, the gender is always male." "...It is the men who have suffered the most from lack of freedom in worship. Cultural pressure in Western societies to be restrained... seems to impact men the most."" - David J. Stanfield. Though banner use is high impact in the spirit realm, it is even most effective when it is done by men. With this in mind, women, children, anyone "can lead all of us into a deeper and broader understanding of the freedom available to us in worship, warfare and ministry."
Different Hebrew words are used interchangeably throughout scripture. Degal - to flaunt, a flag, banner, standard. Be conspicuous, chiefest. Nace - signal, sign, to gleam from afar. Nuwc - to put to flight, drive hastily, fly to the attack.
Follows is the points, precepts, and scriptures pulled mainly from Jeannette Strauss's Heavenly Impact, Symbolic praise, worship, and intercession. Other folk's information will be so noted.
Rallying point - especially in battle (army of YHWH) Singers, dancers, flags are always in the front of the army and are attacked first - Aimee Kovacs.
Identification - Num. 2:2
John 12:32 If I be lifted up from the earth (like an ensign to the nations), I will draw all men to me.
Matt. 5: 14-16 You are like a city on a hill for all to see. Let it shine for all, so everyone will praise your heavenly Father.
Claim possession of a territory - Song 6:4 - You are beautiful my love (Yeshua to Israel), as awesome as an army with -->banners<-- (Army of YHWH) Some translations use dreadful rather than awesome, this is to our spiritual, invisible enemies.
Used to tear down strongholds. Isa. 8:9 - prophetically occupy and possess the earth.
Jer. 50:2 - Lift up a banner to the nations, keep nothing back, but say, Babylon will be captured, Bel will be put to shame.
Think of shows depicting Indians lifting up a pole with a shout, and staking it in the ground as a challenge or symbol of war. The way to possession of land usually entails a fight. Intercede until inner peace assures that a victory has been won in the spirit realm.

Psalm 20:5 - We will shout for joy when you are victorious, we will lift up our banners in the name of our Elohim.
(Davidic - living stones of the restored temple, Acts 15:16.)
Psalm 60:4 - You have given a banner to those that fear you, that it may be displayed because of the truth.
When we see little orange flags sticking out of the ground, it's a warning of something hazardous or important underground. We show up in the spirit realm as red flags. With knowledge of this concept, we can be prepared.
YHWH Nissi - YHWH is my banner.
Song 2:4 - He brought me to His banqueting house, and His banner over me was love.
Zach. 9:16 - YHWH will save them in that day, they will sparkle like jewels in a crown lifted up as an ensign over his land. (KJV)
Isa. 11:12 - the root of Jesse shall stand as a banner
Isa. 62:19 - Prepare the way for the people, build up the highway, remove the stones (make the way straight.) Raise a banner for the nations. See, your savior comes, his reward is with him, his recompense accompanies him.
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